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    32 Things You Know In Your Twenties That You Wish You'd Known As A Teenager

    If only you could turn back time.

    1. There's more to life than impressing the mean girls at school.

    2. Besides, most of them won't go on to achieve a very much.

    3. You should study languages for as long as possible. You'll always regret not speaking more.

    4. Teachers are people too. Being mean to them in order to look cool isn't that funny.

    5. Having Bronze Duke of Edinburgh on your CV won't help you get a job.

    6. Neither will being the administration director of a Young Enterprise company.

    7. And none of your sporting achievements will count for anything.

    8. Jobs are really hard to get. You should intern as much as you can.

    9. In the real world, your intelligence won't be judged on how much stuff you can remember and repeat in an exam.

    10. Teen movies are not representative of real life. Teenage boys don't look like Chad Michael Murray.

    11. Making eyes at someone across a crowded room is an ineffective way of making them fancy you.

    12. So is faking shared interests.

    13. In fact, it's not really possible to make someone who doesn't fancy you fancy you.

    14. Having a boyfriend won't solve all your problems.

    15. Losing your virginity is not a race.

    16. And you should make sure you trust the first person you have sex with.

    17. Snogging in public is the actual worst.

    18. There are better ways to spend your weekends than drinking lukewarm cider in the park.

    19. Like reading. Being well-read is actually really cool.

    20. Your holidays will never be this long again. Travel as much as you can.

    21. Even though you hate them right now, your siblings will become your best friends.

    22. Stressing about who is and isn't in your friendship group is a huge waste of time.

    23. And it's OK to let friendships run their course.

    24. If someone's being a bitch, you don't have to keep being nice to them.

    25. Some people will never like you. That's OK.

    26. It doesn't actually matter what people think of you.

    27. Braces are worth every second of pain they cause you.

    28. Smiling in photos is always better than an "edgy" pout.

    29. Being confident is the secret to success.

    30. (P.S. You can totally fake confidence.)

    31. No one is judging you as much as you're judging yourself.

    32. Everything will turn out OK.

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