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21 Things That Will 100% Happen When You Move In With Your S.O.

You'll bond over a lost Allen key.

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2. And pretty soon, you'll get used to spending 90% of your time together in pyjamas.

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Looking hot when you're together becomes unsustainable when you live together.


7. You'll start to care waaaay less about how you look in fron tof your S.O.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

They'll see you at your absolute worst, so there's no point in hiding your true inner troll anymore.


8. You'll see each other in every single drunk mood possible.

Elizabeth Hickey / BuzzFeed

You'll see you S.O. when they're mischievous drunk, hungry drunk, emotional drunk, fighty drunk... basically, every kind of drunk.

9. And pretty soon, you will learn their most shameful obsessions.


For example, I watch TOWIE twice a week, every week, without fail. And sometimes I watch repeats of old TOWIE episodes on top of that.


14. And you'll get so used to being with them that you'll hate it when you have to spend the night alone.

20th Century Fox

You'll get weirdly frightened that someone is going to break into your home.

18. Sometimes, you'll sack off fun plans with your friends to drink wine, eat a Chinese takeaway, and watch Netflix on your sofa together.


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