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    21 Things That Will 100% Happen When You Move In With Your S.O.

    You'll bond over a lost Allen key.

    1. When you first move in, you'll bond over making flat pack furniture together.

    2. And pretty soon, you'll get used to spending 90% of your time together in pyjamas.

    3. Literally everything will become an in-joke.

    4. At first, you'll have petty fights about the housework.

    5. But eventually you'll get into a routine.

    6. And sometimes one of you will spontaneously do the laundry and it'll feel like the most romantic gesture ever.

    7. You'll start to care waaaay less about how you look in fron tof your S.O.

    8. You'll see each other in every single drunk mood possible.

    9. And pretty soon, you will learn their most shameful obsessions.

    10. You'll learn how to make boring tasks seem fun.

    11. You'll message each other all day about what you're going to have for dinner.

    12. And over dinner, you'll discuss exactly what you had for lunch.

    13. You'll get really used to them being there at the end of the day.

    14. And you'll get so used to being with them that you'll hate it when you have to spend the night alone.

    15. But you'll also go through busy phases of your life where you hardly see each other in daylight, despite literally living together.

    16. You'll start sharing some items of clothing, or you'll just straight up steal their jumpers.

    17. You'll develop an efficient morning routine.

    18. Sometimes, you'll sack off fun plans with your friends to drink wine, eat a Chinese takeaway, and watch Netflix on your sofa together.

    19. On these nights, you'll learn how much the other person can truly eat.

    20. There'll be certain TV shows that you're not allowed to watch without each other.

    21. But most importantly of all, you'll become best friends.