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21 Things That Happen When Your First Friend Gets Married

Jesus Christ this is grown up.

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1. At first, you will freak out because omg there's no way you are old enough to have friends getting married.


You graduated about 10 minutes ago ffs.

2. But then you'll be over-the-top delighted for your mate.

You'll probably feel very similar to how your mum felt on the day she dropped you off at university for the first time: incredibly proud, a little bit heart-broken, and stupidly excited for them.

3. As soon as your friend starts talking about dresses, and hair, and menus, you'll start getting even more excited.

Especially about the menus.

4. But eventually you'll get a ~teeeny~ bit bored of peep toe vs. closed toe shoe chat.

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You still care, obviously. You just don't need to hear about it every time your pal changes her mind about the flowers.

5. Of course, you'll tell everyone you know that you're going to a friend's wedding.

And you'll feel bloody grown-up doing so.

6. But if you think you've already been on an emotional roller coaster, you just wait 'til the hen do.

Whether it's a boozy hen do or not, talking about your friend committing to the actual love of her life forever is pretty hard to do without welling up.

7. Before the wedding, you'll spend a lot of time planning your outfit.


And buying a lot of waterproof make-up.

8. And as soon as you get to the wedding, you'll feel a sudden omg-what-even-is-this pang.


You have imagined your friends getting married before, but now it is literally happening.

9. Seeing your friend looking beautiful and walking down the aisle for the first time will hit you hard.


You might even cry some big, snotty tears.

10. And if seeing your friend looking gorgeous didn't get you, listening to the couple exchanging vows will.


"There's just something in my eye."

11. Once the ceremony's done, you'll get a bit possessive over your friend.


You'll want to make sure she knows that you were VERY TOUCHED INDEED by her wedding but also that she must not become a boring married person now.

12. And if you know her parents, you'll momentarily turn into a cringe aunt and talk about how proud you are of how far their daughter's come.


This'll be even more dramatic if you've already started boozing.

13. When it's time for dinner, you'll be left with no choice but to get properly wasted.

By this point, it will have all become a bit much, and you'll need serious amounts of booze to help you chill out.

14. So by the time the friends and family speeches come, you'll be hysterical.

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Pack tissues!

15. Even though you may not even be close to thinking about marriage yet, the whole day will have you thinking about how you'd do things on your big day.

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Careful, though: If your S.O. is your plus-one and you voice your own wedding plans too enthusiastically, they may freak out.

16. When the time comes for your friend to throw her flowers, you'll go a bit crazy.

It's just weddings are so lovely, and it's nice to take part. It's not that you want to get married, but basically yes, you do want to get married now. Soz.

17. And when the dancing starts, you'll properly go for it, pausing every few minutes to grab your friend and shout, "YOU ARE MARRIED!"

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18. A lot of selfies will be taken.

And not one of them will be attractive.

19. You'll become best friends with a fellow wedding guest who was formerly a stranger.

"You went to uni with her husband? NO WAAAAAY, I went to school with her from Year 7 onwards!!!"

20. Every now and then, you'll catch a glimpse of the couple chatting among themselves, or smiling at each other, or just having a lil' dance and your literal heart will explode.

21. And even though everyone moans about going to weddings every weekend, you had so much fun that you cannot imagine a better way to spend every waking weekend for the rest of your life.

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And you'll spend the next six months hedging bets on who will be next.