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23 Things That Happen When Two Girls Live Together

It's mostly eating, drinking, and pulling hair out of the drain.

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2. And you find getting ready for a big night the most fun part of going out.

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Singing along to '90s music, drinking wine in the shower, and borrowing each other's makeup is legit the most fun thing about going out.


6. You've hosted some pretty good house parties in your time.

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And even though cleaning up the next day is always boring, knowing that you can host a successful party makes you feel very accomplished.

7. Seeing each other naked no longer phases you.


Whether you needed your housemate to fake-tan your back, or you just forgot your towel when you went to shower, you've seen each other nude a million times.

8. And neither does making small talk with your housemate's ~guests~.


You've got your breakfast interrogation routine down to a tee, and you bust it out every time your housemate has someone new staying over.


10. And the two of you can clean a house before one of your parents comes to visit in under half an hour.

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If one of you works on floors, and the other scrubs the bathroom and lights a load of candles, you'll be fine.

11. But you really excel when it comes to the 100% gross problems, like bathroom mould or kitchen mice.

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You deal with these problems as a team, and somehow it all works out.

12. There are days when you spend hours messaging each other about what to make for dinner.

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Work goes more quickly when you know what you'll be eating later.


13. And there are also days when you get home and immediately order a Papa John's.

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You know each other's favourite takeaway orders off by heart.

15. And you never judge how long your housemate goes without showering, shaving, or washing her bedding.

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Housemates are there to make a home, not to be mean.

16. You know that spending an entire day wrapped up in a duvet is perfectly reasonable.

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Duvet days are the best days.


18. Your freezer is always jam-packed full of hangover cures.

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Hash browns. It's full of hash browns.


21. You analyse texts, rehearse difficult conversations, and give out compliments on cue.


"He's saying he doesn't have time to see you, you need to tell him to get in the bin, and you're a million times more beautiful than he is."

22. You know that you can borrow anything of hers, as long as you return it or replace it.


If you need her top and she's not around to ask, it's safe to assume you can just use it for 24 hours. And if you need a bar of chocolate and you don't have the energy to walk to the shop, it's OK to just replace it tomorrow.