14 Things Only People Who Are Too Good At Sex Will Understand

Being great can be tough.

1. That it’s OK to wear Crocs.

2. That sex can be a criminal offense.

3. That it’s OK to ask how to handle it.

SOMETIMES (3 underlines under SOMETIMES) it last longer

4. That not everyone will appreciate your art.

5. That sometimes you get flashbacks at awkward times like why.

6. That other jealous people will find passive-aggressive ways of asking you to tone it down.

7. That SOMETIMES (three underlines under SOMETIMES) it lasts longer than 15 minutes.

9. That anyone born between 19 February and 20 March is vg.

#Pisces are very good at sex, and love role play

— AstrologySex (@Astrologysex)

10. That it can lead to an ASBO.

11. That being too good can make you undesirable #manup.

"My boyfriend doesn't let me ride him because I come down on his hips to hard. Sorry I'm good at sex. #manup" - The Ohio State University

— Collegefession™ (@collegefession)

12. That you must keep your bed away from the wall.

13. That too much of a good thing can be uncomfortable.

14. And if you don’t talk about it, you ain’t that good at it anyway.

I think women who DON'T like to talk about SEX, ain't that good at it anyway. I find the one's who can talk about it, are VERY 'Sensual'...

— Just Ask A Black Man (@JustAskABlacMan)

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