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21 Things Manchester Has That London Should Get Immediately

London is great, but it could certainly learn a few things from the capital of the North.

1. Reasonably priced flats.

2. Chip butties.

3. Chips and gravy.

4. Magic Buses.

5. Shopping centres that look like this.

6. Universities that look like this.

7. Libraries that look like this.

8. Urbis.

9. Pints for under £4.

10. More trams.

11. Poundbakery.

12. The Northern Quarter.

13. People's History Museum.

14. Hot Vimto.

15. More green space.

16. More curry.

17. Proper Christmas markets.

18. The Lowry.

19. Pub and club singers.

20. A better Chinatown.

21. Proper cuppas.

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