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21 Things Manchester Has That London Should Get Immediately

London is great, but it could certainly learn a few things from the capital of the North.

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1. Reasonably priced flats.

House prices in London are beyond ridiculous. And although they're rising in Manchester too, it's still much more affordable to live up north.

2. Chip butties.

It must be possible to track down a chip butty in London. But they're certainly not widely available, which is a great shame because they're probably the world's greatest food.

3. Chips and gravy.

When you're drunk and on your way home from a night out, Chicken Cottage chips will just about do. But they've got nothing on proper chip-shop chips covered in gravy.

4. Magic Buses.

In Manchester, you can get a weekly Magic Bus pass – which takes students everywhere they need – for £7.50. Just imagine how much money you'd save in London implemented the same system.

5. Shopping centres that look like this.

That's the Trafford Centre. Its food court, Europe's largest, is decorated like a steam ship in honour of the nearby Manchester Ship Canal.

6. Universities that look like this.

Manchester University is the 58th best university in the world, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings table.

7. Libraries that look like this.

That's Manchester Central Library, the architecture of which is based on the Pantheon in Rome. Morrissey is said to have studied for his A-level exams there.

8. Urbis.

Formally an urban museum and exhibition centre, Urbis is now the National Football Museum, home to over 140,000 football items.

9. Pints for under £4.

Pub culture in London is incredible, but drinking out is so expensive. In Manchester, on the other hand, it's totally affordable.

10. More trams.

Manchester's tram system has got its problems. But Manchester has many, many more trams than London. And they're such a pleasant, non-stuffy way to travel.

11. Poundbakery.

Where you can buy any two of most items for a pound. Genius.

12. The Northern Quarter.

A hub of gorgeous pubs, restaurants, and shops.

13. People's History Museum.

Located in a Grade II-listed former hydraulic-pumping station, the museum tells the story of Britain's working people.

14. Hot Vimto.

That's warmed-up Vimto. Heavenly.

15. More green space.

That's Heaton Park, just a short journey from the city centre.

16. More curry.

London may have Brick Lane, but it's got nothing on Rusholme, which houses over 70 Asian restaurants.

17. Proper Christmas markets.

Nowhere does Christmas markets quite like Manchester. Last year, there were 300 stalls across eight different places in the city.

18. The Lowry.

This theatre and art gallery is in Salford, just a short tram ride from Manchester's city centre.

19. Pub and club singers.

You just don't get singers in London's pubs and clubs.

20. A better Chinatown.

Manchester's Chinatown isn't as big as London's, and it's much less commercial. Instead, you'll find incredible restaurants and authentic food shops.

21. Proper cuppas.

'Nuff said.