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    19 Things All Families With Only Three People In Them Know

    Just because you all fit on one sofa doesn't make you any less of a family.

    1. Even though you know you're only a tiny family, you always forget to halve the recipe when you're cooking a family meal.

    2. Which means you end up leaving more food than you actually ate.

    3. And whenever you get takeout, you end up ordering waaaaay too much.

    4. Because there are only three of you, it's really easy to stay on top of each other's news and gossip.

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    If you call one family member, they will inevitably update you on the other family member's life as well as their own.

    5. If fact, you probably have a very easy-to-manage family WhatsApp group.

    6. Being so small means you're probably incredibly protective of each other.

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    You're incredibly close, and you won't let anyone be mean about your family.

    7. So whenever your other two family members hang out without you, it's really easy to feel left out.

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    Even if you're in constant WhatsApp contact with them, you can't help but feel you're missing out.

    8. And if both of your family members go away, you really have no one to talk to.

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    9. But the worst is when two of your family fall out, and the third member is stuck in the middle.


    And you know you can't pick sides, because then one of your family will be all on their own.

    10. There are lots of events you forget other families celebrate, because yours is too small to bother.

    I forgot that people go and spend time with their family on Easter lol #smallfamilyprobs

    11. But that doesn't mean you make any less effort for the holidays you do spend together.

    12. Even if opening Christmas presents takes roughly five minutes.

    13. But since you don't have millions of siblings to buy gifts for, you can spend more time finding the perfect presents for the two family members that count.

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    Even if they do look a bit sparse underneath your tree.

    14. Lots of board games can be a bit rubbish with only three players.

    15. And if one of you starts dating someone new, bringing them home changes the group dynamic.

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    You increase the number of people around the table by 25%, so of course it feels different.

    16. Sometimes you all go on separate holidays at the same time, which makes you feel very glam because then every member of your family is in a different country.

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    So international!

    17. When you all hang out together you fit on to one sofa, which makes you feel very elite.

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    18. And you definitely are: You have a million in-jokes that no one else would understand.


    You have an identical sense of humour.

    19. But most of all you know that even though your family is really tiny, you wouldn't have it any other way.

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