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    22 Things Everyone Who Was Obsessed With Gareth Gates Will Remember


    1. First things first: You will never come to terms with the events that took place on 9 February 2002 because there is no way ON THIS EARTH that Will Young should have won Pop Idol.

    Myung Jung Kim / PA Archive/Press Association Images/BuzzFeed

    I am sorry but no.

    2. Because you voted for Gareth Gates week in, week out which just proves that it was a GODDAMN FIX.

    Andy Butterton / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    I voted for him 24 times in the final. You may have voted less than me, or you may have voted more. POINT IS: We all voted. And our votes counted for NOTHING.

    3. You fell in love with Gareth from the moment he came onto your screen.

    His stutter was so bad he couldn't even say his name but he sang "Flying Without Wings" so perfectly, THANK GOD PETE WATERMAN RECOGNISED HIS TALENT.

    4. You made posters, kept scrap books, and wrote love letters to Gareth.

    James Avery / All Action Pictures Ltd

    If you're being truly honest, you would have been prepared to move to Bradford to be with him. Wendy and Paul Gates would have loved you to move in, and you knew you'd get on well with his sisters Jessica, Charlotte, and Nicola too.

    5. And as soon as Pop Idol was over and he started releasing music, you made sure you owned every single, album, and DVD he released.

    Twitter: @Danielle_G_RCxx

    You made your mum go to Sainsbury's on the exact day they were released so you were the first to get them.

    6. Whenever you saw pictures in the press of other women near, touching, or (god forbid) kissing Gareth Gates, you felt a genuine pain in your heart.

    Yui Mok / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Even looking at these women now makes you more jealous than you'd like to admit.

    7. But, if you were lucky enough to meet him yourself, you have probably never recovered.

    Twitter: @JessieCrook

    Check out that T shirt.

    8. To others, your obsession was a bit extreme...

    I used to be massively obsessed with Gareth Gates back in the day, even named my pet fish after him. ha ha ha

    9. ... but to you it was perfectly reasonable to give up Coke in favour of Pepsi because Gareth was the face of it.

    Yui Mok / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    100% reasonable.

    10. When you heard about Gareth's affair with Jordan, you learnt what it meant to have a broken heart.

    Twitter: @99thRedBalloon

    You had to read the story but you couldn't consider giving Jordan any money, so you had to sneak into WH Smiths and find the right bit of Being Jordan without the staff noticing you.

    11. But even though you knew you were the right woman for Gareth, you would have been OK with him dating Zoe Birkett.

    FremantleMedia Ltd/REX USA

    You begrudgingly shipped them.

    12. That said, you had no time for the Rachel Stevens rumours that came out when he did the soundtrack for Seeing Double.

    Ian West / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
    Ian West / PA Archive/Press Association Images

    Get away from him, Rachel.

    13. If you were really lucky, you managed to get a signed picture of Gareth that you hung up next to your bed.

    I got mine because my friend Sinéad's aunt worked in the same hospital as Gareth's mum nbd.

    14. And all of your walls were covered in Gareth Gates posters.

    You even got the ones that you only got if you managed to collect ten News of the World vouchers and take them to your newsagents.

    15. You obviously supported him on both the Pop Idol tour and his own individual tours.

    Ian West / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Extra points if you cried when he came on stage.

    16. Your diaries were full of doodles of your names together, press cuttings, and poetry you were drafting.

    Twitter: @hayleyrooney88

    I still think Tabatha Gates has a nice ring to it.

    17. And if you were really cool, you also had Gareth Gates stationary.

    In fact, you exclusively bought Top Of The Pops and Smash Hits! to get the free Gareth stickers.

    18. Because you knew everything about him.

    I used to be overwhelmingly obsessed with Gareth Gates to the point in which I dressed up as him one year for NYE

    Like his home address, the birthdays of his direct relatives, and the exact formation of the hair he used to spike up using Shock Waves hair gel.

    19. You were almost competitive about how much you liked him.

    Twitter: @jessica16_x

    Even now if someone says, "Oh I was the biggest Gareth Gates fan!" you think to yourself, "Bitch, please."

    20. And you have definitely kissed a picture of him.

    Twitter: @teammcvamps4eva

    Every night before you went to bed.

    21. You'd have given anything to meet back then and just touch his spiky hair.

    Twitter: @megaanx1

    You remember the rumour that went round school that he'd shaved his head and the anxiety it caused you.

    22. But tbh, you'd do just about anything to meet him now too.

    Twitter: @keiraprydderch

    Going to his Christmas pantos and West Ends plays is a perfect legitimate way to spend your time and money.

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