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Posted on Jul 25, 2016

19 Things Every Former Teacher's Pet Will Relate To

Parents' evening was the best night of the year.

1. Doing ~optional~ homework was your literal favourite way to spend an evening.


And your mum was so proud while you did it.

2. Naturally, you were in set 1 for everything.


And if you were ever in set 2 (which sometimes happened for subjects you lacked natural talent for, like PE) you were really grumpy about it.

3. You lived for parents' evening.


It was an evening of teachers praising you at school and then your parents praising you when you got back home.

4. But you also really loved the last day of school when you got your report.

The CW

Getting called into the headteacher's office because your report was just so good was the absolute dream.

5. Every Christmas, you bought your form teacher a present.

Twitter: @lordofthebrick

It was usually just wine your parents had lying around but that didn't matter.

6. But you also bought them interesting snacks from your holidays.

7. In primary school you always volunteered to roll out the projector.

You may laugh now, but it was a big responsibility.

8. And in secondary school you always volunteered to read aloud in English.

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You got so frustrated with the kids who were unable to get through a single page without stopping and starting a million times.

9. Of course, you had your class nemesis.

You'll never forget the day Elisha beat you in the year 9 history exam.

10. You bloody loved an after-school activity.

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You played sports, you were in the orchestra, and you were always the main part in your school plays.

11. Which meant that filling out your UCAS form came incredibly easy to you.


If anything, you struggled to cut it down enough to fit within the word count.

12. You found hanging out with a teacher outside of school hours genuinely thrilling.

bumped into my mod studs teacher in McDs, look how happy drunk me is :")

For example, if you had a sports match.

13. And you loved randomly bumping into teachers out in the real world.


This was almost as thrilling as finding out your teacher's first name.

14. In fact, you loved your teachers so much that you sometimes chose to sit next to them on the coach on the way to school trips.


You didn't mind sitting at the front if it meant you got to chat to a teacher.

15. And you probably wrote letters and emails to them years after you left school.

Mrs. Mercado has a picture of us in her classroom! I'm such a teachers pet, hahaha. 💁

There's nothing wrong with this.

16. This makes you cringe to think about now, but you always used to snitch on your classmates.

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If you knew the truth, you felt it was your duty to tell the teacher too.

17. Meanwhile, you lived in constant fear of getting told off.

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You thought that getting in trouble with your teacher was the end of the world.

18. You knew that being invited into the staff room was the greatest honour.

You may have never achieved it, but you were always hopeful.

19. And there was no greater pleasure than spotting a mistake your teacher made on the blackboard.


Nothing quite beats that adrenaline rush.

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