19 Things Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Hash Browns Understands

    Hands down the best carb.

    1. You understand that hash browns are, without a doubt, the best part of any full English.

    2. They're the most efficient piece of food to mop up your egg yolks with...

    3. ...and they're the best thing to wipe up leftover beans with too.

    4. You've been known to order a meal that already includes hash browns with a side of...hash browns.

    5. And if you're slobbing around at home, you are not opposed to making a plate of hash browns for yourself.

    6. When you go to McDonald's, there's only one thing you order.

    7. Because you know exactly how to cure a hangover.

    8. And you know that anything less than five hash browns with your breakfast is frankly an insult to breakfasts.

    9. You're not opposed to a fancy hash brown...

    10. ...but in your heart of hearts you will always like a slightly crap oven hash brown the best.

    11. Because for you, hash browns are the ultimate comfort food.

    12. You know that hash browns improve any sandwich...

    13. ...especially if you replace the bread with hash browns.

    14. In fact, you pride yourself on how inventive you can be with a humble hash brown.

    I love hash browns and cottage pie so I mixed the two, it's going to get served in a giant Yorkshire pudding too 😍

    15. Your main weakness is a hotel breakfast buffet, where all self-control just goes out of the window.

    You're not afraid to make multiple trips to the buffet to get all the hash browns you need.

    16. You know that there is no time of day that is it not appropriate to eat hash browns.

    17. But also that nothing on this earth beats a greasy-spoon hash brown.

    18. You're very passionate about an entirely beige meal.

    19. Because whatever your mood, hash browns will always be on your mind.