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22 Things All Non-Baby People Will Relate To

We love the fact that you love your baby. But we don't.

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1. There is nothing worse than getting on a train, settling down in your seat, and then realising there is a baby right behind you.

Especially if you booked a seat in the quiet carriage specifically to avoid screaming children.

2. Except sitting down near a baby on a plane. Because then you're trapped.

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And babies on planes cry even more than usual.


5. At family events babies are usually the centre of attention, which doesn't make any sense because they never add anything to the conversation.

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7. Parents of babies think that describing their child's daily routine is very interesting.

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But if you told them how well you're sleeping and what you have for breakfast every day, they'd be very bored.


9. But nothing as is awkward as a baby speaking, its parents understanding what it said, and you having absolutely no idea what's going on.


13. And no one seems to mind the fact that babies go from making noise at a normal volume to screaming very loudly with no warning.

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A lot of people just carry on with their conversations, as though there wasn't a tiny screaming person in the room.

14. And sometimes they do all those bad things in restaurants where you are trying to have a nice time.

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15. Or in cars in which you are a passenger.

20. You can also appreciate how cute it is when parents are really proud of their babies. But that doesn't mean you want to hang out with them.

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Proud parents are the best. But babies are the worst.