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    22 Beauty Firsts Every '00s Girl Went Through Growing Up

    It was a time of square-tipped false nails, over-plucked eyebrows, and frosted eyeshadow.

    1. Gluing square-tipped false nails to your real ones.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Even though you knew it would ruin your real nails, you did it anyway.

    2. Slathering Johnson's Holiday Skin over your body before you went to bed every night without fail.

    Twitter: @ShannonAWood

    Having a patchy tan was infinitely better than having no tan.

    3. Waiting 30 minutes for your Babyliss 3-in-1s to heat up.

    And then straightening your hair until it was almost too dry to stay on your head.

    4. Saving up for GHDs, only to use them every day for a decade.

    Doug Peters / EMPICS Entertainment

    You even knew how to curl your hair with your straighteners.

    5. Covering your hair (and mirror) in Lee Stafford Poker Straight heat protection spray.

    Twitter: @Cosmetics4she

    It has a very distinctive, overpowering smell.

    6. Managing to burn a suspicious love bite-style mark onto your neck with your GHDs.

    Twitter: @teerileeigh

    It was painful, but it was more innocent than it looked.

    7. Slathering your lips in Juicy Tubes so that your hair stuck to it whenever it was remotely windy.

    SRP Records

    It made you feel like a member of the Sugababes though.

    8. Outlining your whole eyes in Bad Gal eyeliner by Benefit.


    The raccoon look was very in back then.

    9. Giving yourself a Tipp-Ex French manicure, maybe with a diamanté if you were feeling fancy.

    10. Experimenting with pastel shades of frosted Barry M eyeshadow.


    Sometimes you put more than one colour on each eyelid.

    11. Applying concealer to your lips.

    Lips were so uncool in the '00s.

    12. Giving yourself very stripey highlights from a Superdrug packet.

    Lee Roth / EMPICS Entertainment
    PA Images

    The more obvious the contrast between the colours was, the better.

    13. Plucking your eyebrows to the thickness of one hair along the entire brow.

    Twitter: @AlohaLolaCards

    Anything more was very undesirable.

    14. Getting through a tub of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse every week.

    15. Applying at least five layers of mascara to your eyelashes.

    Twitter: @JJJohnnyB

    The more they clumped together, the better you thought you looked.

    16. Covering yourself in Glow by JLo, Curious by Britney Spears, or Just Me by Paris Hilton.

    The sweeter the perfume, the more you were into it.

    17. Covering your chest in Urban Decay body powder.

    The floofy powderer made you feel like a very glamorous lady.

    18. Applying Cotton Candy Lip Smacker lip balm to your lips every 10 minutes.

    Twitter: @LiPSMACKER_UK

    It tasted so good.

    19. Using Impluse or So... Kiss Me? body spray, sometimes at the same time, after every sports lesson.

    You basically used very sweet smelling body spray instead of deodorant.

    20. Running glittery Mizz magazine hair mascara through your hair before a party.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    The more you shimmered, the better.

    21. Backcombing your hair to give it extra ~volume~.

    Getty Images

    You either had to get hair extensions or backcomb your own. Either way, flat hair was the enemy.

    22. And finally, begging your mum for a belly ring.

    Twitter: @brittbritt1197

    Only the coolest girls in school had a belly piercing.