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19 Things Every Uncouply Couple Will Relate To

Just because you don't say it doesn't mean you don't mean it.

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3. You think it looks cute when couples snuggle at the cinema, but you will never understand how they manage to get comfy.

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Unless one of you is significantly smaller than the other, won't one of your arms be awkwardly pressing into the other's back?


5. If you're married, you probably got engaged at the end of a practical conversation about your future together, rather than as a result of an elaborate proposal.

7. In fact, your friends consider your S.O. to be one of their friends and vice versa.

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If your S.O. was out of town, you'd have no problem going to their best friend's birthday party alone.


9. You're all about the small romantic gestures, rather than the big ones.

You know that coming home to a glass of wine after a tough day is infinitely more romantic than being sent roses at work.


13. All of your couple friends are waaaay more couply than you.

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Sometimes you wonder whether you should be more affectionate in public, but then you realise you're happy just the way you are.


16. And you're perfectly comfortable spending whole evenings together, but not communicating.

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You actually think there's something really romantic about reading in silence next to each other.

18. But you show you care in other ways, like by cooking dinner when your S.O. has to work late or doing their laundry without being asked.

It's all about the small things.