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    17 Things Every Recent Graduate Has Googled

    Can you get paid for watching TV?

    1. When you need to pay your rent.

    2. But you don't want to get off the sofa.

    3. When all your friends have jobs (and you don't) but you still want to live near them.

    4. When you literally live in a hole.

    5. When getting up at 11am no longer seems reasonable.

    6. When this is a thing you suddenly have to worry about.

    7. When your old waitressing CV probably won't do.

    8. When you still think these are a thing, LOL.

    9. When you can't handle another job rejection.

    10. When you finally get an interview.

    11. And you spend three days stalking your interviewers on LinkedIn.

    12. When you realise you're not getting any younger.

    13. When the concept of shopping at Topshop without a discount offends you.

    14. When you're suddenly no longer surrounded by attractive, single people of your own age.

    15. When you start to doubt you'll ever have disposable income again.

    16. When you suddenly realise that no longer being a student means you can't handle your drink.

    17. When you finally achieve the dream, but it makes you very snoozy.