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28 Ways Finland Wins At Summer

Is there anything better than a sauna?

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1. Finland is the best place in the world during the summer.

2. For starters, it's unexpectedly sunny.

It can reach 30°C in some parts of the country.

3. And days go on forever.

In Lapland, the sun doesn't set at all during June and July. And in the rest of Finland, it only disappears below the horizon for a few hours each night.

4. Which means that you'll never want to go inside.

Even if you have a log cabin on the lakeside, which most Finnish families do.

5. You'll want to explore the beautiful countryside forever.

6. Of course, Finnish summer evenings are utterly gorgeous.

7. There's nothing like a trip to the sauna after a long day.

8. Followed by a dip in the lake.

9. And if boating's your thing, Finland's got the lakes for it.

There are 187,888 lakes in Finland.

10. Besides, rowing is the the most fun way to get a tan.

11. Finns take Midsummer incredibly seriously.

It's called Juhannus and Finnish families traditionally spend it in the countryside with their families. As well as making bonfires and drinking, families take saunas together and eat outside.

12. And they do summer food incredibly well. Karjalanpiirakka are the most delicious thing.

They're rye-bread pies stuffed with a rice pudding.

13. Especially if you cover them in munavoi.

That's egg butter.

14. And being surrounded by blueberries means you can't get enough blueberry pie.

16. But nothing tastes as good as wild strawberries.

18. Except maybe korvapuusti.

They're cinnamon and cardamon buns.

20. And then there's the wildlife. Finnish forests are full of elks.

22. And bears.

This guy's eating carrot sauce that's been left out for him.

23. Finland gets a lot of thunder over the summer. But its storms are beyond spectacular.

They're so violent because warm air is deflected to northern latitudes from masses in other parts of Europe.

24. And lots of the winter ski lifts get turned into viewing platforms.

25. So you get views like this.

26. And if you do leave the lakeside...

27. Finnish summer markets are the best.

28. And wherever you are in Finland, you're never far from a lake.