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    23 Things Close Female Housemates Just Get

    Mould spraying a bathroom can be fun.

    1. You know that most problems can be solved by climbing into bed together and snuggling.

    Other times, heavy drinking will be the answer. Either way, you're pretty well versed in cheering each other up.

    2. But some problems are so bad that only a Vietnamese take out order for four, for two will do the trick.

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    And it's an unspoken rule that you will never judge how much each other eat.

    3. Sometimes you accidentally eat so much that you have to un-do your jeans and lie horizontally on your sofa.

    And that's OK.

    4. You know exactly how to deal with each other when you arrive home silly drunk.

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    You take off her make up, stick her phone on charge, and set her alarm. And remind her of all the embarrassing things she did the next morning, obv.

    5. You have no idea who owns what, or how you accumulated it.

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    "Did this Santa-on-a-wooden-swing model come from your crazy aunt or my strange grandmother?"

    6. Nudity no longer bothers you.

    If your clothes are drying in the living room and you've just come out the shower, it's just quicker to make the trip naked.

    7. You know how gross each other can be, and you're no longer squeamish about it.

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    Once you've mould sprayed your bathroom, pulled out a meter of hair from your shower drain, and discovered a moulding peach down the back of your sofa, nothing will phase you.

    8. You regularly end up doing ridiculous things because they seemed kinda funny for 5 minutes one time.

    "Shall we have a needlessly glamorous Prosecco breakfast on Saturday?" "Sure, I'll pick up the £4 bottle from the corner shop on the way home."

    9. You've heard each other have sex.

    At first you tried to avoid it, but now you're like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    10. You know each other's pin numbers, favourite take out orders, and preferred brand of tampons.

    It's just practical.

    11. You often spend your lunch breaks planning what to cook for dinner that evening.

    And emailing each other about the best way to involve the most cheese possible.

    12. Throwing dinner parties makes you feel weirdly grown up.

    Your table cloth may not be ironed and obviously none of your plates match. But still, you're entertaining! Like grown ups! Get you!

    13. You've got your cleaning routine down to a tee.

    You pour a large glass of wine, put on some Taylor Swift, turn up the volume, and you can be done in a hour.

    14. You've cancelled fun plans in favour of hanging out together and playing board games before.

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    And you'll do it again.

    15. Because you see each other so much, you are always completely up-to-date on each other's life dramas.

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    And you always back each other up.

    16. Which means you know exactly how to pick each other up when you're feeling down.

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    Usually watching Sex And The City re-runs and eating cookie dough.

    17. You're used to getting free meals when each other's parents are in town.

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    And then analysing their visits in endless detail afterwards.

    18. When one of you goes away for the weekend, you genuinely miss each other.

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    And you have an overload of gossip to catch up on when you're reunited.

    19. You don't understand people who write their flatmates passive aggressive notes.

    And can't imagine not being able to tell your flatmate what's bothering you.

    20. You always check up on each other if you're home late, or something seems a bit off.

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    That way, you know someone's always looking out for you.

    21. You have some of the most inane chats imaginable.

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    It is interesting if your flatmate's colleague who you've never met wears the same shirt to work two days in a row. It just is.

    22. You've been through some pretty stupid fads together.

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    There was the month you got really into juicing. And the time you decided you needed to look "more Swedish". And that's not even mentioning the time you were convinced shaving your legs with conditioner was good for your skin.

    23. And although you know you probably won't live together forever, you know it'd be awesome if you did <3.

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