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22 Things Sisters Who Are BFFs Will Totally Get

You will defend each other without knowing what exactly you're defending.

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2. And as soon as your sister tells you she hates someone, you automatically hate them too.

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Even if your sister grows up and forgets why they ever fell out, you'll remember.


5. You can describe the "vibe" of someone to each other and instantly know that your sister will understand what you mean.


"He's the kind of person who only ever wears an oversized T shirt" = a very clear character analysis.

6. Sometimes you get so proud of each other that you exaggerate your sister's achievements to your friends.

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If your sister got an A in her Maths homework, you'll tell everyone that she is the world's leading mathematician of her age.

7. You proof read literally every piece of writing that your sister does.

From WhatsApps to her crush, to English coursework, and cover letters.

8. Because you know each other so well, you know exactly how to hurt each other's feelings.

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You know your sister's most embarrassing stories and her deepest insecurities so it's really easy to hurt her.


9. But even though you have the most horrendous fights, you always make up immediately afterwards.


You can say the worst things to each other and know that it's not really serious.

12. And you always know what's going on because you keep in touch via a constant WhatsApp thread.

You text pretty much every thought you have to each other.

13. You know you can bitch about your other family members to your sister without it going any further.

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If your mum really annoys you, your sister is the person you can always turn to.


14. And you can eat a frankly embarrassing amount of food in front of each other, safe in the knowledge that you won't be judged.

It's fine to eat dinner, then pudding, and then dinner again.

15. There are some TV shows and movies that you will always find comforting to watch together.

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If watched a lot of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies together as kids, chances are you still like watching them together now.

17. And you tell her every secret you ever hear, even if she doesn't know the people it's about.

You are well versed in the dramas of each other's friendship groups.

18. You fantasise about being each other's maid of honours all the time.

You've had your speeches written since you were teenagers.


21. Because you can literally spend any amount of time with your sister and never get bored.

Because you grew up together, you are incredibly comfortable around each other.

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