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19 Things All Couples With Two Years Between Them Understand

"You're such a nan."

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1. Whenever the older one has a birthday, the younger one feels unbelievably smug.

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And makes sure the older one knows about it. Getting old is funny.

2. Especially if they're celebrating a big birthday, like 25 (otherwise known as quarter-of-one-hundred-lol).

3. But the worst is when one of you is in your thirties, while the other remains a youthful twentysomething — even if it is only for 24 months.

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And the younger one will never let the older one forget it.

4. But really, two years isn't very much. So you'll pretty much have all the same cultural reference points.

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You'll remember all the same news events.

5. And because you're both part of the same generation, you'll have read the same books, seen the same films, and listened to the same music growing up.


You probably also went through the same awkward teenage phases.

6. But sometimes, the older one will talk about what they were doing in 2007 and the younger one will be like, "Whoa oldie."

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When you're teenagers, two years is quite a big deal. So if the older one talks about one time they got drunk at uni in 2007, it'll be weird because the younger one was just a lil' baby taking GCSEs then.

7. And you'll both have some memories that the other will never understand.

You might not remember Crystal Maze, whereas they might not understand your love of Shayne Ward, FOR EXAMPLE.

8. And when you talk about university, you realise one of you was in first year while the other was in third year, which feels weird.


In first year you are a child, but in third year you are an adult. Strange.

9. With two years between you, it's likely that your S.O. will have siblings who are closer to your age than they are.

But this just means you'll end up getting on with their siblings really well.

10. Sometimes the older one might feel like the younger one's friends are a bit immature.


If they start playing Ring of Fire and calling what you're doing "pre-drinks", the older one might roll their eyes a bit.

11. And equally the younger one might feel like the older one's friends are a bit ~nan~ from time to time.

Like if they're planning on going to a National Trust property at the weekend, and you're planning on sleeping and ordering takeout.

12. Sometimes the younger one will say things like, "Ewwww, my 21-year-old friend is dating a 19-year-old! A 19-year-old! A child!" And the older one will reply, "That's literally our age gap."

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Because two years isn't much in your twenties, but it totally is in your teens.

13. Which will mean you end up talking about "life stages" an awful lot.

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You'll decide that it's fine to date someone much younger or older than you, as long as you're in the same life stage (i.e. it's only creepy if one of you is a student, and one of you is more than a couple of years out of uni).

14. Because the older one is a little bit ahead in life, they'll make a very good CV proof-reader and general advice giver.

15. And because they've been alive for two whole years longer, they'll be two years more life-savvy.

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So if you need a shelf putting up in your flat, or if you need to apply for a train refund, or you don't know how to clean the glass pane in your shower properly, they probably will.

16. They've also been in the ~dating game~ a whole two years longer than you, which means they're probably better at resolving arguments.

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But also maybe not. No one's that good in a fight.

17. But, when the younger one knows something the older one doesn't, they'll feel very smug.

"Oh you didn't know? I've known that since I was, like, 7."

18. It's weird to think that when one of you was 15 and drinking Strongbow in the park, the other one was 13 and eating jelly and ice cream at birthday parties.

19. But basically, you never notice because age doesn't really matter when you're in love.