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34 Things British Primary School Kids Did Before The Internet

"Do you really like butter?"

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3. Trolled your friends by giving them a hug, but secretly just stuck one of these bad boys on their back.

8. Played kiss chase in the playground, but not before you asked whoever's game it was whether you could play.

9. Counted down the minutes to 4:30pm on the Friday when the World Book Fair came to your school.

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You knew you had to get in quick to get the book you wanted. It's not like you could have just downloaded it on your Kindle later.

10. Before Words With Friends, you passed the time by playing squares with your classmates.

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And felt incredibly smug if the person you were playing against didn't spot a three-walled box on their go.

12. Without Wikipedia, you had to load up Encarta whenever you had research to do for homework.

You learnt the art of rewording something so you wouldn't get caught copying at a young age.

15. Before the days of Google, you had to buy magazines like Smash Hits and Top of the Pops so you could find out the lyrics to your favourite songs.

26. You didn't have to check BBC Weather to find out the temperature, because you had one of these on your bedside table.

28. Called your friends for hours every evening, even though you spent all day with them at school.

Which was always awkward because you had to make two minutes of small talk with their dad before they passed the phone over to your friend.

30. Before Netflix, you got taken to Blockbuster to rent a film every time your parents went out for the evening and left you with a babysitter.

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Even thought the film you actually wanted to see had already been taken out, so you ended up watching the same one over and over again.

32. Borrowed your mum's camera if you went on a school trip, and then realised that your thumb was covering the lens in most of the pictures.

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