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    Posted on Nov 15, 2013

    There's A Russian School That Looks Like A Fairy-Tale Castle

    Prepare to get well jel.

    OMG imagine if this were your school.

    "Which room is Maths in today," you might ask.

    "Oh, it's in the upper eastern turret," your friend might respond.

    OH HANG ON. This is an actual school. That is a conversation that some people might actually have.

    The school, which is called "Ordinary Miracle", is in Yoshkar-Ola in Russia.

    A businessman called Sergey Mamaev built it for his wife Tatiana. She's a teacher who wanted to teach in a pretty building, you see.

    Tatiana didn’t think the normal schools in Russia were suitable for inspiring young minds.

    So she designed AN ACTUAL CASTLE.

    The secondary school has ample facilities, including a gym, swimming pool and cafeteria.

    Tuition costs 2,000 rubles (£38) a month. AND YOU GET TO LEARN IN A CASTLE.

    H/t Ordinary Miracle.

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