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The U.K.'s First Ever Koala Joey Just Took Its First Steps

This week it emerged from its mum's pouch for the first time.

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Until now, its been living in its its mum's pouch. Its mum is called Alinga.

Donald Gow

But now it has nearly grown all its fur, which means it is ready to embark upon solo adventures.

This week, zoo keepers saw it climb out of its mum's pouch and onto her back.

"This was the first time it had done that during daylight hours," said Lorna Hughes from Edinburgh Zoo.

Although the joey is very wriggly, its mum has been very patient.

Craig Brown

It will live on Alinga's back until it is two years old, when it will also enter the zoo's breeding programme.

For now, though, it just needs to focus on getting strong.

"We are very happy with its progress so far," said Lorna. "First-time mum Alinga is also doing very well, and has taken to being a mother like a natural."