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    Posted on Nov 29, 2013

    The U.K.'s 10 Sexiest Towns

    Based on, um, how much money residents spend on their sex lives. Via Lovehoney UK.

    10. Southampton.

    Pablo Trincado / Flickr: pablotrincado

    Sexiest celeb from Southampton: Craig David. COR.

    9. Lincoln.

    Chris Guise / Flickr: chrisguise
    Getty / Ian Gavan

    Sexiest celeb from Lincoln: Robert Webb. SWOON.

    8. Nottingham.

    Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie
    happypope / Flickr: 35777972@N02

    Sexiest celeb from Nottingham: Jake Bugg. HUBBA HUBBA.

    7. Newry.

    Canadian Pacific / Flickr: 18378305@N00
    Getty / Clive Mason

    Sexiest celeb from Newry: Peter McParland. LORDY.

    6. Cambridge.

    Getty / Steve Finn
    David / Flickr: rnddave

    Sexiest celeb from Cambridge: Richard Attenborough. I WOULD.

    5. Bishop Auckland.

    Alexander Cunningham / Flickr: cessna152towser
    Bishop Auckland.

    Sexiest celeb from Bishop Auckland: Stan Laurel. YUMMY.

    4. Norwich.

    Getty / Stuart C. Wilson
    Martin Pettitt / Flickr: mdpettitt

    Sexiest celeb from Norwich: Tim Westwood. AMIRITE?

    3. Newtownards.

    Getty / Paul Kane

    Sexiest celeb from Newtownards: The Almighty's Ricky Warwick. I CAN'T EVEN.

    2. Durham.

    Getty / Andrew Burton
    Neil Thompson / Flickr: williamsdb

    Sexiest celeb from Durham: Tony Blair. DING DONG.

    1. Bangor (County Down).

    Snapshooter46 / Flickr: calotype46
    Getty / EON NEAL

    Sexiest celeb from Bangor (County Down): Lembit Opik. PHWOAR.

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