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    The 30 Stages Of Getting Your Exam Results, As Told By "Skins"

    It's a big day.

    1. You wake up. For a brief moment, everything's OK.

    2. Until you realise what day it is.

    3. It's results day.

    4. Suddenly, panic hits. This is the day that the rest of your life depends upon.

    5. Today you'll find out whether all your hard work paid off.

    6. But, it's fine. You're fine. Everything is going to be fine.

    7. You log on to UCAS to see whether your results are online yet.

    8. They're not. You do a little bit of overreacting.

    9. Food. That'll help. You make some breakfast.

    10. And give your dad a hug.

    11. OK, it's time. You need to make your way to school.

    12. You head towards the hall.

    13. Stopping only for a brief moment of self-doubt on the way.

    14. Finally, you open the envelope.

    15. Now things can go two ways. Either, you've passed.

    16. In which case, it's time to be falsely modest.

    17. Oh OK, you can celebrate a little bit.

    18. Now go and get drunk.

    19. Or, on the other hand, you may have failed.

    20. In which case, it'll feel like the world's ended.

    21. And no one will have any useful advice to offer.

    22. But really, it's not a complete disaster.

    23. You need to accept that you screwed up.

    24. And then move on.

    25. After all, it's summer.

    26. And resits exist.

    27. Right now, you need to spend some time with your friends.

    28. Because you're all going different ways now.

    29. And school is officially over.

    30. This is the beginning of a new chapter.

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