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    10 Photos Couples Need To Stop Posting On Facebook

    No one wants want to see them, OK?

    1. Snogging snaps.

    Nobody needs to see what your faces look like when they're really close together. Probably not even you.

    2. All selfies ever.

    They make at least one arm and one chin look so weird.

    Especially if one of you is wearing sunglasses.

    Featuring one outstretched arm so neatly reflected in the shades.

    Or if they were taken on a Macbook.

    When you got your first Macbook, this was kind of OK. But now it's time to start thinking of alternative activities to fill your evenings with.

    3. Photos where one of you is sleeping.

    No one has found a picture of a sleeping person funny since Year 9.

    4. Skype screenshots.

    Featuring at least one dank kitchen, one goofy face and, more often than not, two hands making a little love heart shape because you reeeeally, reeeeally miss each other.

    5. Pictures of you wearing matching outfits.

    Even if it's ironic.

    Especially if it's ironic.

    6. Underwater shots.

    The underwater camera was invented in 1986. It's time to move on.

    7. Pre/post marathon pics.

    Yeah OK, we get it. You're in love AND you're really fit AND you've raised loads of money for charity. Good for you.

    8. Awkward hover hand photos.

    Hahaha, I've changed my mind. These are the best.

    9. Photobooth pictures.

    These capture moments of FALSE fun. No one has ever had REAL fun taking pictures in a photo booth, a process that entails 90 seconds of hanging out in a small room with miscellaneous (and often smelly) props.

    10. Matching tattoo snaps.


    Especially when they don't make sense.

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