The 9 Most Adorable And Heartfelt Letters To The Tooth Fairy

    It's a serious business.


    Dear Tooth Fairy,I went through some tough times today at the dentist. So I hope you like these teeth.Thank you.From Zoe.


    You can go in.


    Dear Tooth FairyWhen I was eating lunch my tooth came out and I swallowed it. It's OK if you don't go inside but if you want to it's OK. Sincerely.


    Dear Tooth Fairy,Please don't take any of my teeth because I love them all and if you can give my all the others back pretty please. But you can still give me money still.To: Tooth FairyFrom: Hailey


    To Tooth Fairy,Dear Tooth Fairy I lost my tooth yesterday, but I didn't put it under my pillow because Christmas Eve was tomorrow so I saved it so Santa and you could meet each other. That's why. And now it's Christmas Eve. Now you and Santa will meet each other.Love Allister


    Dear Lillian Thace,This is my last tooth I have to lose. I thank you for many years of kind gifts and money. I hope you see Megan soon! Can I have something extra special?Thanks,SarahP.S. You were the best TF ever!!!


    Dear Tooth Fairy,I left, well, I can't find my tooth. So please accept this drawing of it. Love, your friend FaithP.S. I am a big fan. Hope you like my note!


    Dear Tooth Fairy,I know I'm a little old to write you a note but I hope you have a good Thanksgiving. Do you celebrate it? Have a nice time doing your work.What do you do with people's teeth? Can you write me a note with the empty space?
    Dear, Anneliese,Thank you for the tooth. I collect all the teeth as a hobby. I have millions of them. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I love turkey. See you next time.Love, the Tooth Fairy


    Dear Tooth Fairy,I can't find the thing I put my tooth in so I'll have to do without. Anyway here is a 15c for working very hard and instead of you giving me money I give you it.Kristy.P.S. My tooth is a little brown from the blood.