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Britain's 10 Crappiest Towns

A book, Crap Towns Returns, has ranked Britain's bleakest conurbations.

10. Stoke-on-Trent.

Secret Pilgrim / Flickr: umdrums

Crap fact: It's linked to the M6 at two junctions.

9. High Wycombe.

R-P-M / Flickr: rpmarks

Crap fact: A 2007 survey found litter on 28.5% of its streets.

8. Nuneaton.

Covcash / Flickr: covcash

Crap fact: In 2000, it was a national finalist in the Britain in Bloom competition.

7. Coventry.

70023venus2009 / Flickr: 70023venus2009

Crap fact: The Butts Park Arena, home of Coventry Rugby Football Club, holds music concerts occasionally.

6. Gibraltar.

Harry_nl / Flickr: harry_nl

Crap fact: There are quite a lot of foxes and bats there.

5. York.

PnP! / Flickr: pnp

Crap fact Vince Cable used to live there.

4. Southampton.

ndl642m / Flickr: 30581663@N05

Crap fact: The Basingstoke Gazette is published three times a week.

3. Chipping Norton.

David Howard / Flickr: satguru

Crap fact: In 1205, its main market place was moved. It is now a bit higher up the hill.

2. Bradford.

Tim Green / Flickr: atoach

Crap fact: The Kirkgate Shopping Centre, Bradford's main shopping centre, has 550 parking spaces.

1. London.

Andra Moclinda-Bucuţa / Flickr: andra_mb

Crap fact: The name "London" used to only apply to the City of London but since 1889, it has also referred to the County of London and Greater London.

But why? "People in London just have no idea what's happening in the rest of the country," Sam Jordison, co-founder and editor of Crap Towns told the Guardian. "They take a lot of what works in Britain, but you don't see much sign of them putting anything back."

Crap Towns Retuns will be published next week. You can order it from their website, here.

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