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    The 17 Most Glorious Things That Ever Happened In An Airport

    Let's fly away.

    1. This man snacking on a pack of frozen McCain vegetables.

    2. This sign.!

    3. This bathroom for dogs.

    4. This Beastie Boys tribute.

    5. This area for the discombobulated.

    6. This money maker.

    7. This pre emptive warning.

    8. These new best friends.

    9. This airport lounge live music.

    10. This cheeky sculpture.

    11. This motivational message on the car parking metre.

    12. This man going through security in a cat onesie.

    13. This festive arrivals board.

    14. This gift wrapping station in the arrivals lounge.

    15. This bathroom, which doesn't discriminate.

    16. This military dog looking after its owner.

    17. But mostly, the cutest man in the whole world.