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    25 Struggles Only The Perpetually Weepy Will Understand

    It's OK. You just feel things more deeply than others.

    1. "Ummm, are you crying?" Yep, thanks for pointing that out.

    2. "No. I have a cold. I have something in my eye. I SPILT A DRINK ON MY OWN FACE."

    3. The problem is, you are crying. In fact, you cry every day.

    4. Sad dogs waiting for their owners in the cold make you cry.

    5. Old episodes of Friends make you cry.

    6. Elderly couples who still love each other make you cry.

    7. Hell, even the Daily Mail being mean about Britney makes you cry.

    8. It can be really awkward at work, because that's where you're supposed to be grown-up.

    9. So you've got really good at not blinking until you're in the toilet, just in case your eyes leak tears.

    10. And lowering your voice so it sounds like nothing's wrong.

    11. And only wearing waterproof mascara.

    12. You've lost count of the number of donkeys charity adverts have caused you to adopt.

    13. Or quite how many strangers have offered you tissues on public transport.

    14. Or the number of times you didn't have enough change, because you gave it all away.

    15. Every time you're drunk, you try to explain that you just feel things more deeply than everyone else.

    16. And after drinking comes the hangover. Which entails the hangover cry, aka the worst of all cries.

    17. Especially if people are nice to you. That only makes it worse.

    18. Crying at other people's sad stories makes you feel really insincere.

    19. Crying at every reunion with old friends makes you feel about 9 years old.

    20. And crying with frustration when your internet banking log-in doesn't work makes you feel like an absolute freak.


    22. You know that you'll never make it to the end of a film without bawling your eyes out.

    23. You know that you'll never win an argument, because you'll cry and forget how to speak.

    24. And you know that you'll toss and turn all night if you suspect someone you hung out with today seemed upset.

    25. But don't worry. You're normal. You just feel things more deeply than others.