Stop Everything, IKEA Names Have Meanings

This. Changes. Everything.

Everything from IKEA has a weird name. Well hey guess what? THOSE NAMES HAVE MEANINGS.

Because IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad was dyslexic, he didn’t want to give his products numbers. So he came up with the MOST EXCITING naming system EVER.

Sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves, media storage and doorknobs are named after Swedish places.

Beds, wardrobes and hall furniture are named after Norwegian places.

Carpets are named after Danish places.

Dining tables and chairs are named after Finnish places.

Bathroom stuff is named after Swedish lakes and rivers.

Kitchen stuff is named after grammatical terms in Swedish.

Children’s items are named after mammals, birds, and adjectives in Swedish.

Bookcases are named after occupations in Swedish.

Kitchens are named after spices, herbs, fish, fruits, and berries.

Chairs and decks have Swedish men’s names.

And materials and curtains have Swedish women’s names.

H/t this Guardian article.

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