A Woman In Liverpool Dislocated Her Jaw While Eating A Massive Burger

This sounds painful.

1. This is Nicola Peate.

@NicPeate / Via Twitter: @NicPeate

2. And this is her enemy.

It was a normal work night for Nicola. That was, until she bit into an Ultimate Triple Frickin’ Cheeseburger at Almost Famous in Liverpool.

After ditching her knife and fork to tackle the burger properly, Nicola felt an “unbearable” pain in her jaw.

3. The next thing she knew, she was on her way to A&E.


Nicola Peate


Just got out of A&E after dislocating my jaw on an @AlmostFamousLIV burger last night. They really are that big #truestory #oww

/ Via

Thankfully, Liverpool’s Royal Hospital were able to correct the dislocation promptly and realign her face.

“You don’t expect it to happen eating a burger,” she told the Liverpool Echo. Well, quite.

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