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    32 Smells That Will Take You Right Back To The '00s

    No perfume will ever beat Charlie Red.

    1. So... Kiss Me?

    But also So... Desirable, So... Sinful, So... Eternal, So... SuperStar, and So... Inspired.

    2. Cool Cola Hubba Bubba.

    Which was what you ate the moment your braces were removed.

    3. Lynx Africa.

    Mix Lynx Africa with the distinct smell of sweaty teenage boys, and you've got yourself a '00s P.E. lesson.

    4. Inflatable furniture.

    Mmmm, eau de plastique.

    5. Tipp-Ex pens.

    Which smelled identical to Milk of Magnesium.

    6. Charlie Red.

    And you didn't just wear a squirt of it. You used the whole can.

    7. Scented gel pens.

    Lime! Banana! Orange! Cherry! Strawberry! Grape! Apple! Raspberry! Blueberry! Watermelon! Coconut! Pineapple!

    8. Blue WKDs.

    No matter what you ate or drank afterwards, the taste wouldn't leave your mouth.

    9. Body Shop White Musk.

    Such a mysterious scent.

    10. Glitter hair mascara.

    Which obviously came from either Claire's Accessories or Boots.

    11. Davidoff Cool Water.

    Mmmmm teenage boys.

    12. Batiste dry shampoo.

    Like sweet, chalky... chalk.

    13. Ink erasers.

    They made your page go a bit furry, and they smelled like turps.

    14. Sunny D.

    Which definitely turned you orange if you drank too much of it.

    15. Barbie tents.

    Like the inside of an airless circus, but without the animal shit.

    16. Goey aliens.

    Put them back-to-back, stick them in the fridge, you know the drill.

    17. Popz microwave popcorn.

    Hello, every Friday night of the '00s.

    18. Spice Girls Impulse.

    So tangy.

    19. Strawberry Millions.

    They came from tuck shops and they stuck your teeth together FOREVER.

    20. Toasted Pop Tarts.

    50% burnt sugar, 50% pure deliciousness.

    21. Candy floss machines.

    100% burnt sugar.

    22. Blackcurrant Calypsos.

    The signature scent of Sports Day.

    23. Glitter body spray.

    Which would never wash out of your clothes.

    24. Cotton candy Lip Smacker.


    25. Lush bath bombs.

    They overpowered every other smell in your entire house and made your skin unreasonably oily, but OMG they were good.

    26. Bath oil beads.

    Squeeze them too hard, and they'll squirt scented oil into your eyes.

    27. Next Just Pink.

    The smell lasted about 30 seconds, but WOW those 30 seconds were deliciously floral.

    28. Nesquik powder.

    Mmmm milk with lumps of powder in it.

    29. Millie's Cookies.

    This is what "going to town" smelled like.

    30. Lee Stafford Poker Straight spray.

    This stuff was basically non-flammable petrol, right?

    31. Burnt hair.

    32. Johnson's Holiday Skin.

    A combination of cat piss and biscuits.