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    22 Signs You're The Charlotte York Of Your Friendship Group

    "I curse the day you were born."

    1. You love your friends unconditionally.

    2. Even when they behave inappropriately.

    3. You're eternally optimistic about love.

    4. And you understand the importance of finding The One.

    5. Even though you have brief moments of self-doubt.

    6. And you're tired of dating.

    7. But you know you can always turn to booze.

    8. Or casual sex.

    9. You're never profane.

    10. You're wise beyond your years.

    11. Even if you can be a little... gullible.

    12. Sometimes you miss the point.

    13. But you know your own value.

    14. And you know the value of your friends.

    15. There's definitely a bossy side of you.

    16. But there's also an incredibly vulnerable side.

    17. And an endlessly fun side.

    18. You always stand up for what you believe in.

    19. And you understand that it doesn't always work out.

    20. No matter how hard you try.

    21. But you can always try again.

    22. And whatever happens, there's nothing a good old gossip can't solve.