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21 Signs You're Secretly A Real Bitch

You judge everything.

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2. Your phone's camera roll is full of screengrabs of slightly cringe things your friends have done on social media that you've sent to someone else.

Whenever you see something embarrassing, you have to share it immediately.

4. If someone says something mean to you at work, you have a designated bitching buddy who'll meet you in the loo for a power-moan.

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"I'd rather have my face and a lower salary than their face and all the money in the world."


7. You often find yourself saying "Oh I love your hair", when you actually mean, "Your hair looks different."

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You feel like you have to acknowledge the change, even if you're not into it.

8. There are some random things that you know you shouldn't judge, but you do. And you can't help it.

You might think that wearing odd socks to work says something about a person, for example.


17. You know that if the people around you could hear your internal monologue, you wouldn't have any friends.

But it's OK because it doesn't count if you only think it.

20. And if anyone is ever mean to you, you just think, "Oh it must be because they have a sad and lonely life and they are jealous of my happy and fulfilled life."