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    22 Signs You're Doing Just Fine

    Sometimes you're an introvert. And other times you're an extrovert.

    1. Sometimes you feel shy in social situations.

    But other times you're very confident.

    2. Sometimes you feel like staying in.

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    But sometimes you want to go out.

    3. You have a regular washing schedule.

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    But sometimes you fall behind and have nothing clean to wear.

    4. And a regular cleaning schedule.

    But sometimes you spill some coffee on the floor and just leave it.

    5. You speak to your parents once a week.

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    But sometimes more and also sometimes less.

    6. You write to your grandparents.

    But sometimes you forget.

    7. You try to eat healthily.

    But sometimes you order take out.

    8. And exercise regularly.

    But you can't always be bothered to go to the gym.

    9. You're trying to save money.

    But sometimes you forget and spend £7 on lunch.

    10. You have a close group of friends.

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    Who sometimes really annoy you. And sometimes you really annoy them too.

    11. You keep all your important paperwork together.

    But sometimes you can't be bothered to file your bills in order so you just put them on top of the pile.

    12. You make your bed in the morning.

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    But sometimes you're in a rush so you forget.

    13. Sometimes you fight with your S.O. about stupid things.

    And sometimes you over analyse their texts. But you know that ultimately you're happy.

    14. You get your hair cut regularly.

    But sometimes you let it grow too long.

    15. You try to alternate a glass of water with a glass of alcohol when you're out.

    But sometimes it doesn't work and you go to work hungover.

    16. Sometimes you find it hard to tell people how you really feel.

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    But not always.

    17. Sometimes you cry for no reason.

    But you also spend a lot of your life not crying.

    18. You sometimes sound really sarcastic.

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    And other times you sound overly sincere. And then there are the times you sound exactly as you intended to sound.

    19. You feel insecure about some bits of your body.

    But there are also bits you like. And bits you really don't have any feelings on.

    20. You identify with characters in books and films.

    But realise that often they are based on tropes, and not real people.

    21. You sometimes read your horoscope.

    But understand that the stars do not rule your fate.

    22. And you realise that people have many facets, and not one single defining characteristic.

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