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23 Signs You Used To Work In A Clothing Store

There are some things you never forget.

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1. Even at home, all of your clothes are perfectly folded.

2. And obviously all your hangers face the same way.

3. Years of putting away other people's reject clothes mean that you NEVER leave anything in shop changing rooms.

4. You always hang things correctly.

5. You put things back where they came from.

6. And you wouldn't dream of unfolding something and not folding it up before you put it back again.

7. You've spent so much of your life counting out change that you're incredibly quick at mental arithmetic.

8. In fact, you've done so many stock checks that you're actually pretty good at more complex maths too.

9. Spreadsheets? Years of cashing up tills mean they're child's play.

10. You can easily spend an entire day on your feet without moaning.

11. And when you're buying new shoes, comfort comes first.

12. You've heard every Christmas song so many times that you actually can't enjoy them anymore.

13. And because you've assembled so many festive window displays, you're pretty awesome at putting up Christmas decorations.

14. But you always spend most of your Christmas holidays gift wrapping other people's presents because you're so damn good at it.

15. But you do give the prettiest gifts.

16. Once Christmas is over, you know better than to get involved in January sales.

17. Whenever you can, you pay for your shopping with the exact right change.

18. And you never throw away your receipts.

19. You know every cleaning hack under the sun.

20. And you still hoard pens like they're going out of fashion.

21. You have lots of expensive clothes that you bought with your staff discount.

22. You're exceptionally good at neat packing.

23. And you feel instantly guilty if you're don't go outside when the weather is nice.