22 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped

Seriously. Right now.

1. This girl who didn’t really like her sister.

2. This thunder-stealer.

3. This sneaky brother.

4. This absolute creep.

5. This forward thinker.

6. This revolting human.

I hate my brother so much for cutting his pubes on the toilet.

— natalie tabor. (@natawee_tabor)

8. This prankster.

10. This brother, who feels a little under-appreciated.

11. This witty genius.

12. This brother who just happened to be cleaning.

13. This boy whose sister is his secdon favourite.

my brother just slipped some hate notes under my door bc I didn't let him get his way

— Diana Karen (@dkaayb)

15. This absent-minded sis.

hate my sister

— 작은 케이 돈™ (@AyeTippy)

17. This merciless bro.

18. The sibling behind this.

19. The evil genius who put this doll here.

I hate my sister and her boyfriend, open the draw for some food and find this

— hatty (@hattystjohn)

20. This sneaky teen.

21. This guy, who took sibling rivalry too far.

22. But not this kid. Never stop this kid.

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