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    37 "Sex And The City" Moments That Will Give You Goosebumps

    "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free, until they find someone just as wild to run with."

    1. When Aiden showed up to Charlotte's wedding and Carrie realised she was going to have to rely on her friends more than ever.

    2. When Samantha found the strength to give Richard exactly what he deserved.

    3. When Carrie started to question whether she ever really loved Big.

    4. And when she couldn't work out why she was messing things up for herself.

    5. When Charlotte didn't have the energy anymore.

    6. When Carrie was stuck between her past and her future.

    7. When Carrie told Big what she was most afraid of.

    8. When Carrie doubted herself.

    9. When Carrie showed up at Big's wedding to Natasha.

    10. When Charlotte realised the profound impact that her relationship with Trey had on her.

    11. When Carrie was all of us.

    12. When Carrie got up to support Miranda at her mother's funeral.

    13. When Samantha ended things with Smith.

    14. When Charlotte couldn't contain her excitement for her friend.

    15. When Charlotte saw her baby for the first time.

    16. When Big told Carrie exactly what she wanted to hear.

    17. When Carrie came clean to Samantha about Big.

    18. When Samantha played it cool even though she was obviously delighted to be asked.

    19. When Charlotte realised that her and Harry were meant to be.

    20. When Miranda told Big exactly what he needed to do.

    21. When Carrie spoke the absolute truth.

    22. When Carrie told Big how she really felt.

    23. When Carrie's friends came to pick her up in order to save the worst birthday ever.

    24. This.

    25. And then this.

    26. And then, months later, this.

    27. When Carrie appreciated her friends.

    28. When Miranda demanded that Samantha talk about the cancer at her wedding.

    29. When Smith waited for Samantha to be done with Richard.

    30. When Carrie finally felt optimistic about her relationship with Big.

    31. When Carrie had nothing left to give.

    32. When Miranda was furious with Carrie for considering going back to Big.

    33. But told her she'd be there to pick up the pieces if it all fell apart.

    34. When Charlotte assured Carrie that she's a million times better than Natasha.

    35. When Carrie knew she could rely on herself.

    36. When Carrie got to the stage where she wasn't even sad; she was just numb.

    37. And this quote, which sums everything up.