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    22 Secrets Sisters Who Are Best Friends Will Never Tell You

    Share parents, share absolutely everything.

    1. We're the only people in the whole world who understand how weird our parents are.

    2. Which makes gossiping about family politics waaaaay more fun than gossiping about our friends.

    3. But we do plenty of that too.

    4. We have arbitrarily assigned ourselves favourite colours based on how our parents decorated our childhood bedrooms.

    5. We've got into the habit of drunk texting each other, because we know it doesn't matter.

    6. We copy each other all the time.

    7. There was definitely a time when we both worried that the other sister was the "smart one".

    8. And when we worried that the other sister was the "pretty one".

    9. We say the most hurtful things you could ever imagine to each other.

    10. But if anyone else says anything even remotely mean to one of us, the other sister will be meaner back.

    11. We judge all the same things.

    12. But we never judge each other.

    13. We cry at exactly the same parts of crappy TV shows.

    14. We act unprecedentedly weird around each other.

    15. We're physically incapable of being mad at each other for more than 24 hours.

    16. If one of us doesn't like the other's S.O., he/she is outta here.

    17. We hate it when we don't get to talk all the time.

    18. Because we grew up in the same house, we like all the same terrible books, music, and TV.

    19. Sometimes we eat really obscene amounts of food together.

    20. We have a look to exchange for all situations.

    21. We always know when the other sister is about to cry.

    22. And we're the first person each other texts when anything good/bad/funny/sad/weird/normal/interesting/boring happens.