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18 Things All Close Mothers And Daughters Secretly Do

If you offend my mum, I hate you.

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3. We love gossiping about people we used to know 20 years ago.

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We don't know them anymore, but that doesn't make it any less interesting.


8. And we're in a permanent WhatsApp conversation that lists every detail of our days.

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We know what dinners each other cook, which of our friends we're seeing later, and which days we're planning on going for a swim on.


12. And when it all gets a bit much, we know there's only one thing for it: We need to hang out again.

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Heading to your mums after a tough week at work is guaranteed to make you feel better.


15. And we will jump to each other's defense if we ever hear anyone say something even 1% negative.

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"Ugh, mum got mad that I got home drunk." "She does overreact to those kinds of things?" "OMG WHAT DO YOU MEAN? SHE DOES NOT! SHE IS THE BEST!"

17. Which means we have opinions of all each other's friends, including the ones we haven't met yet.

It would be weird if they knew.