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    23 Times Sainsbury's Failed So Hard It Just Failed

    "Sorry for any incontinence caused."

    1. Let's start with this pizza, which is just a massive cheeseless lie in a box.

    2. And these Bramley apple and cream turnovers, which don't actually seem to contain any...Bramley apples or cream.

    3. And don't even get me started on this pathetic excuse for a sausage roll.

    4. Or this mint choc-chip ice cream, which seems to be missing a vital ingredient.

    5. This is just mean.

    6. But hey, at least Sainsbury's always apologises when it messes up.

    7. Which, tbh, is pretty often.

    8. Some of its discounts are a bit dubious.

    9. But at least this proves that the people who make the signs can solve basic mathematical problems.

    10. Oh.

    11. Ummm.

    12. Some of its tips are a bit unorthodox.

    13. Others are just inadvisable.

    14. Some of the product placement is, well...interesting.

    15. And some products have just gone too far.

    16. But who could forget the time croutons were in season?

    17. Or the time knob cheese was so reasonably priced.

    18. And no one will ever forget the day Sainsbury's printed out its up-selling strategy on a massive poster and displayed it in the main window.

    Twitter: @mynameischrisd

    "Fifty pence challenge: Let's encourage every customer to spend an additional 50p during each shopping trip between now and the year end."

    19. But in Sainsbury's defence, it does sometimes have some banging offers.

    20. Some really honest cards.

    21. Some great serving suggestions.

    22. So you just keep doing you, Sainsbury's.

    23. And never apologise for who you are.

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