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    Rio 2016's Olympic And Paralympic Pictograms Have Been Revealed

    And they're gorgeous.

    The Rio 2016 organising committee has launched its sports pictograms.

    Getty / Buda Mendes

    And, for the first time in history, all Olympic and Paralympic sports are individually represented.

    Since Tokyo 1964, every host nation has depicted its own culture through pictograms for each sport.

    Alex Ferro / Rio 2016

    The 2016 design committee framed its pictograms in pebble-shapes, which are inspired by Rio's curving landscapes.

    The pictograms' figures are based on each sport's main moment of action.

    They were hand-drawn and then their strokes were digitally reconstructed.

    Alex Ferro / Rio 2016

    “For the first time, all Olympic and Paralympic sports are individually represented," said Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman.

    "This is one of our unique contributions to the history of the Games."

    There are 64 pictograms in total: 41 Olympic and 23 Paralympic.

    Rio 2016.

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