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    38 Reasons You Should Never Visit Finland

    It's the absolute worst of the Nordic countries.

    1. Finland? It's not very nice.

    2. The scenery's not very impressive.

    Flickr: ninara


    3. Helsinki's just like any other capital city.

    4. And the Northern Lights aren't all they cracked up to be.

    5. Summers in Finland are pretty unspectacular.

    6. I mean, there's nothing nice to eat.

    Flickr: 45935274@N00

    Market Square, Helsinki

    7. And saunas are pretty overrated.

    8. Who actually enjoys an open-water dip in the evening?

    Flickr: visitfinland


    9. Finnish summer cottage culture is ridiculously overrated.

    10. I mean, who wants to spend all day looking out at this view?

    Flickr: wili


    11. And the fact that the sun never sets? Boring.

    12. Finns aren't great at food.

    13. And their puddings aren't all that good either.

    14. And as for their celebrations? Very forgettable.

    15. But you know what's even worse than Finland in summer? Finland in winter.

    Flickr: ninara


    16. There's just too much snow.

    Flickr: karrio


    17. And it's not like this is a ridiculously cute way to travel.

    Flickr: zsoolt


    18. The wildlife in Finland is pretty unspectacular.

    19. Seriously, there's nothing special to see.

    20. Nope. Nothing cute at all.

    Flickr: waxident

    Oulanka National Park

    21. What about this idiot? No one cares about him.

    Flickr: visitfinland

    Rovaniemi, Lapland

    22. No one does any interesting sports in Finland.

    23. It's all just fairly mundane.

    24. The main problem with Finland is that there's nowhere to get away for a bit.

    Flickr: miguelvirkkunen

    Lake Päijänne

    25. No where to just sit and collect your thoughts.

    26. And it's not like Finnish design is world famous.

    Flickr: carlitos

    Marimekko in Helsinki

    27. Everything they make in Finland is pretty ugly.

    28. Their sausages are rubbish.

    29. There's no berries to be found.

    30. And there's no seaside in Finland.

    31. Staying overnight in a glass igloo is probably pretty crap.

    Flickr: visitfinland

    Kakslauttanen Igloo Village

    32. Helsinki is filled with unattractive sculptures.

    Flickr: archer10

    Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

    33. And building a church inside a rock was a pretty dumb idea.

    Flickr: mschissel

    Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki

    34. Talking of dumb ideas, whoever thought solid Easter eggs were a good idea was an idiot.

    Flickr: mjs

    Mignon eggs

    35. So was whoever thought of hosting an annual opera festival in this gross castle.

    Flickr: mikeancient

    Olavinlinna, Savonlinna

    36. So just don't go.

    Flickr: hugovk


    37. It's not worth it.

    Flickr: saaste


    38. Finland's for losers.

    Flickr: snoopsmaus

    Päijänne Tavastia