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56 Reasons You Should Move To Finland Immediately

Cinnamon buns, endless summer nights, and saunas. What more could you want?

1. Because it's full of forests that look like this.

Flickr: miguelvirkkunen

That picture is taken in Koli.

2. And lakes that look like this.

Flickr: tlindfors

That's the view from Kuopio's Puijo tower.

3. Because its food markets are unbeatable.

Flickr: 45935274@N00

That's a mushroom stall in Helsinki's Market Square.

4. Because there's nothing more delicious than a plate of fried vendance.

Flickr: pntphoto

That's in Kuopio.

5. Because Finns spend their summers in wooden cabins that look like this.

Flickr: rosipaw / Creative Commons

6. And nothing feels better than a hot sauna at the end of a long day.

7. Except maybe a dip in a lake afterwards.

8. Because teeny, tiny wild strawberries grow all over the place.

9. Because Finland in the summer is a mushroom-lover's paradise.

10. Because Finns take Midsummer seriously.

Flickr: csaavedra

At the end of June, Finnish friends and families gather in their summer cottages to light bonfires and barbecue food to celebrate the summer solstice.

11. Because this photo was taken at 3am.

Flickr: Pekka Nikrus / Flickr: skrubu

During the summer, the sun doesn't set until really late. This picture was taken in Jakobstad, a Swedish-speaking part of Finland.

12. Because in some parts of Finland, the sun doesn't set at all for two months.

Flickr: monitotxi

That's Utsjoki.

13. Because it looks even more stunning in the winter.

Flickr: pjoto / Creative Commons

14. Becuase this is what train journeys through Finland look like.

Flickr: syymza

This picture was taken on a train from Oulu to Tampere.

15. Because you can see the Northern Lights from Lapland.

Flickr: syymza

This picture's taken in Inari.

16. Because you can spend the night in an igloo.

Flickr: visitfinland

That's Kakslauttanen.

17. Or in a hotel made of snow.

Flickr: syymza

That's in Lapland.

18. Because nothing is more delicious than a sausage cooked on an open fire in the snow.

Flickr: corrafig / Creative Commons

19. Because you'll never go hungry.

Flickr: connectirmeli / Creative Commons

Karjalanpiirakka, or Karalian pies, are rye crusts stuffed with rice. And they're beyond delicious.

20. Because you haven't known true happiness until you've bitten into a korvapuusti.

Flickr: csaavedra / Creative

Finnish cinnamon and cardamon rolls are the best thing you'll ever eat.

21. Because instead of hollow Easter eggs, Finns eat solid Easter eggs.

Flickr: mjs / Creative Commons

Fazer's Mignon eggs are genuine eggs shells filled with an almond and hazelnut nougat.

22. Because salty liquorice is the tastiest snack.

Flickr: mondoagogo

Salmiakki is a variety of liquorice that is flavoured with ammonium chloride.

23. Because, whichever way you turn, the nature will take your breath away.

Flickr: miguelvirkkunen

That's Koli National Park.

24. Because Moomin World exists.

Flickr: robot_starry

There's a theme park based on the characters from Tove Jansson's books on Kailo island.

25. Because Helsinki is probably the world's most glorious capital city.

Flickr: corrafig / Creative Commons

That Helsinki cathedral.

26. And you can while away hours in its Design District.

Flickr: corrafig / Creative Commons

27. Not to mention its book shops.

Flickr: roxeteer / Creative Commons

28. Because Helsinki's Sibelius monument is astonishing.

DENNIS G. JARVIS / Flickr: archer10

29. In fact, it's full of stunning architecture.

Flickr: archer10

Temppeliaukio Church is built into a rock.

30. Just look.

Flickr: lassi_kurkijarvi

That's Upsenski church.

31. Because Santa lives there.

Flickr: visitfinland

Santa Claus Village is in Rovaniemi.

32. Because ski jumping is the most exhilarating sport you can watch.

33. And ice hockey is the most exciting.

34. Because Finns know a thing or two about the tango.

Flickr: barriesutcliffe / Creative Commons

The Finnish tango is a variation of the Argentinian tango. The annual tango festival, Tangomarkkinat, is held in Seinäjoki.

35. Because you can cross the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi.

36. Because there's nothing quite as peaceful as cross-country skiing over a frozen lake.

Flickr: corrafig / Creative Commons

This picture was taken in Ruka.

37. But getting an ice breaker boat when the season changes is equally fun.

38. And this is what it looks like when the ice starts melting.

Flickr: visitfinland

That's in Pohjanmaa.

39. Because you can spot reindeer in the wild.

40. And, if you're lucky, you might see an elk.

41. Or a brown bear.

Flickr: scirpus

This picture was taken in Kuhmo.

42. Because the Turku archipelago is stupidly pretty.

43. Seriously, look how gorgeous Turku is.

44. Because every summer, Olavinlinna hosts a massive opera festival.

Flickr: mikeancient

Savonlinna Opera Festival takes place in this castle.

45. Because if you want to be alone with your thoughts, you can go ice fishing.

46. And if you want to die of cuteness, you can get a husky-drawn sled through the forests.

47. Because if you have a baby, the government will send you this.

Flickr: roxeteer / Creative Commons

48. And if you have a wife, you can carry her competitively.

Flickr: visitlakeland / Creative Commons

Korvatunturi hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships once a year.

49. Because Finnish design is just lovely.

Flickr: sagamiono

That's a selection of glassware by Alvar Aalto.

50. And you can kit your whole house out in Marimekko patterns.

51. Because Finland's heavy metal scene is incredible.

52. Because everyone forgets that it has seasides as well as lakes.

Flickr: salman2000

This one's in Loviisa.

53. Because nothing is more beautiful than a silver birch forest.

54. Except a traditional Finnish munkki.

Flickr: solja / Creative Commons

55. Because is there a better view to enjoy while drinking your coffee?

56. See? You should never leave.