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    26 Reasons To Avoid Wrexham Forever

    Stay away.

    1. Let's get things straight: Wrexham is gross.

    2. No one should ever go there.

    3. The town centre is boring.

    4. You won't find anything to eat there.

    5. And the architecture is just vile.

    6. It's not like there are beautiful National Trust properties nearby.

    7. And there are no gardens worth bothering with.

    8. I mean, who'd want to have a picnic here?

    9. The main problem with Wrexham is there's nothing to do there.

    10. There are no pubs to visit.

    11. No country walks to go on.

    12. And no music to hear.

    13. Driving further up into North Wales is no good either.

    14. It's all just full of sheep.

    15. And you won't find decent chip shop chips anywhere.

    16. The castles in North Wales are just so plain.

    17. They're really not worth seeing.

    18. And the coast is no good either.

    19. Besides, Wrexham is just so ugly in the winter.

    20. You're best off avoiding it.

    21. Its shopping area is ugly too.

    22. Not that you'd find anything to buy there anyway.

    23. So you're best staying away.

    24. Don't explore the local area.

    25. Don't catch the train up to North Wales.

    26. Honestly: It's not worth it.