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    25 Reasons We All Need To Stop Phubbing Each Other

    That's snubbing someone by looking at your phone, and it's become an epidemic.

    1. So this kind of explains what phubbing is.

    2. But this Stop Phubbing campaign does a better job.

    3. This is what phubbing looks like in the daytime.

    4. And this is what it looks like at night.

    5. You may think that phubbing is acceptable because cool celebrities like do it sometimes.

    6. Even Mark Zuckerberg, King of the Internet, has been known to phub.

    7. And here's Vin Diesel phubbing Jonathan Ross. Jonathan Ross!

    8. But you're wrong. The Kardashians do it. It's not OK.

    9. This needs to end. Doesn't it, David Furnish?

    10. Otherwise we'll end up like Biebs and Gomez. Alone.

    11. Like J.T. and Jay Z. Ignoring beautiful women.

    12. Like these friends who have forgotten how to interact.

    13. Like this man, who has forgotten how to speak.

    14. Like this bride, whose phone is more important than the man she's just decided to spend the rest of her life with.

    15. And this baby, who doesn't know any better.

    16. If we don't start setting a better example, this is how things will be.

    17. People will forget to care about their babies.

    18. About road safety.

    19. And sports matches.

    20. This is what Christmas will look like.

    21. This is how we'll date.

    22. And appreciate great art.

    23. This is how we'll catch up with friends.

    24. Dads won't even push their kids on the swings anymore.

    25. So please, join the campaign. Together, we can stamp out phubbing.