12 Very Exciting Things About The “Girls” Season 3 Trailer

OMG it’s going to be so good.

So the “Girls” production team just released a teaser for Season 3. It looks amazing.

1. In it, Adam looks thoughtful three times. Maybe this is him deciding not to stalk Hannah anymore.


2. He also hugs Hannah and she looks really happy. Perhaps they’ve worked through their problems.


3. Look at this party! Hannah and Elijah are both attending! They’re friends again!


4. Mmmm here’s Elijah wearing an unbuttoned shirt.

5. Marnie puts her hand over her heart three times. Maybe this is her getting over her intimacy issues.


6. And here she is looking totally sorted and like maybe her unemployment phase is over.

7. Here’s Shoshanna wearing a really glitzy top.


8. And here’s Ray looking goofy but also happy, which means he might have worked things out with Shoshanna.


9. OMG Hannah looks so sassy.


10. And this smile suggests her OCD phase could be over.

11. She still wears too few items of clothing, BUT WE WOULDN’T WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY.


12. A day at the beach! Everyone wearing bikinis and squinting! Including Jessa! This season is going to be so so so good!


Season 3 will be out in January, but you can view the full teaser below.

And on Instagram here.

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