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29 Reasons Single Mums Are The Best

Of course it can be tough. But it can be pretty awesome too.

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1. Having a single mum means having an in-house best friend.

2. A live-in partner in crime.

3. And a cool big sister.

4. All rolled into one.

5. You've obviously been through a lot together.

6. So although you've seen your mum at her best.

7. You've also seen her at her worst.

8. And she's seen you at yours.

9. Not that it matters one little bit.

10. Your mum's had to do everything on her own, so has loads of great advice.

11. Especially when it comes to having your heart broken.

12. Because you spend so much time together, you know what each other are thinking. So no awkward questions are out of bounds.

13. Because your mum was so busy, you often communicated via Post It notes.

14. And, from time to time, she had to call in a little help.

15. But because you had other stuff to deal with, you guys never fought over the trivial stuff.

16. Which meant you grew up really fast.

17. But even now, when you're not feeling very grown up, your mum's always on the other end of the phone.

18. Or on the other side of the bed.

19. Your friends are all pretty jealous of how cool your mum is.

20. And of how close you guys are.

21. Which makes you feel really proud. Because you know she's the best.

22. Who else can party with their mum?

23. And then share gossip with her the following day?

24. You spend a lot of time wondering how your mum managed to get everything done.

25. And because she's achieved so much, you know you've got some pretty big shoes to fill.

26. But whatever happens, she's always going to be proud of you.

27. So when people make YOUR MUM jokes, you're like, "What? I don't get it. My mum's awesome."

28. And that's something you should tell her every Mothers' Day and every Fathers' Day.

29. Mum, you're the best.