19 Reasons We Should All Start Writing Letters Again

    Stop emailing, you guys.

    1. Because letters look so much prettier than emails.

    2. And pen pals were the best.

    3. Besides, Santa doesn't have an email address.

    4. And neither does the tooth fairy.

    5. Writing a letter is unequivocally the best way to make a sneaky plan.

    6. Although they sometimes get intercepted by pesky teachers.

    7. If letters didn't exist, Harry may have never escaped the cupboard under the stairs.

    8. This chap would face unemployment.

    9. Peter Capaldi probably wouldn't be in Doctor Who.

    10. And Noah may never have got his girl.

    11. Because this.

    12. And because some things are best said on paper.

    13. Anyway, you can't attach sticks to emails.

    14. And if J.K. Rowling has time to write letters, so do you.

    15. Billy Joel sometimes even replies to them.

    16. Because the stationery room of Liberty is the best room in the world.

    17. There are few things more satisfying than buying brand new writing paper.

    18. And there's nothing more elegant than a wax stamp.

    19. Just look.