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21 Truths All Drama BFFs Will Understand

Drama games = therapy.

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1. You understand that "Sorry I have rehearsals" is a valid excuse and doesn't mean you're being rude.

Doing Drama means having a pretty tight schedule, and you're both aware of that.

2. You know basically everything about each other, because you've played so many drama games together.

Drama is basically therapy, which means you've seen each other at your best and your worst.

3. You know each other's routines for just before you go on stage.

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You know whether your BFF is the kind of person who needs time alone to collect their thoughts, or whether they'll want you by their side.

4. You've experienced each other at your most tired and worn out, but you love each other regardless.

Somehow you even manage to make each other laugh after a full-day rehearsal.

5. You know exactly how your BFF copes in any situation, because you've been through some pretty nerve-wracking times together.

There's no feeling quite like getting on stage just before your audience arrives and hugging it out.

6. You've done some pretty intense bonding during after-school and weekend rehearsals.

Going to them would be unbearable without your BFF by your side.

7. You have no qualms about getting changed in front of each other.

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You've helped each other get out of countless awkward costumes before, so nudity really doesn't phase you.

8. You've probably competed against each other for some of the same roles, and yet you still get excited about each other's successes.

It's awkward the day the cast list goes up, but then you both get over it and get back to supporting each other.

9. You've helped each other out in lots of some sticky situations. Like when your BFF forgot to learn their lines by the deadline.

You're both there for each other in times of need.

10. You've worn some pretty embarrassing costumes together.

Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed
Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

And you didn't even bat an eyelid.

11. You know that you both have a tendency to over-exaggerate


But you know how to detect each other's bullshit.

12. You've spent hours learning lines together.

In the lunch queue, in the common room, on the way to your lessons...

13. And you're experts in wasting time backstage.

You have to pass the time in between your scenes somehow.

14. You've been through some pretty special moments together: Like the first time you had the whole audience in hysterics, or the first time you made yourself cry.

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And you'll never forget them.

15. You have your Drama Club snack routine figured out.

You always visit the vending machines on your way to rehearsals because fueling the body is very important.
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You always visit the vending machines on your way to rehearsals because fueling the body is very important.

16. You've rehearsed audition monologues in front of each other a million times.

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And you know exactly what each other's nervous ticks are.

17. Which means you're always on hand to offer each other constructive criticism.

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And you know your BFF only means it in the best possible way.

18. You have your own comedy routine down to a tee.

Spending so much time together means that you have developed the exact same sense of humour.

19. You've learnt a lot of accents together.


Some of your accents are just about passable now, after months of rehearsing them.

20. Years of sharing lifts mean you know each other's families pretty well.

In fact, you're basically part of each other's.

21. But most importantly, you've rehearsed your Oscar speeches a million times.

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And you know your Drama BFF is the first person you'll thank.