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14 Easy High Street Lunch Options For Vegans

You'd be surprised at how much choice is out there.

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For breakfast:

1. Pret: Almond, cacau & date shake

Pret do two dairy-free shakes: almond, cacau & date, and almond, banana & cashew. And if you don't fancy one of those, they do a delicious coconut yoghurt pot, which is topped with bitter cacau, and pecan pieces.

2. Costa: Multigrain toast with jam

Costa serve dairy-free multigrain toast, which you can top with jam instead of butter.

3. Caffe Nero: Soy porridge with jam

Caffe Nero sell pots of soy porridge for workers on the go.

For lunch:

4. Pret A Manger: Lentil and quinoa soup

Pret offer loads of vegan lunch options. They do an ultra-healthy superfood salad and a veggie sushi protein pot, and their super greens sandwich is a more filling vegan-friendly option. It contains avocado, kale, spinach, red peppers and toasted almonds — and its dressing is made of tofu and lemon juice. Alternatively, their lentil and quinoa soup, South Indian tomato and spice soup, and Tom Kah Gai soup are all suitable for vegans.

5. West Cornwall Pasty Co.: Wheatmeal vegetable pasty

Packed full of delicious veggies, the wheatmeal vegetable pasty is an absolute lifesaver for a hungover vegan. And the best news? The wedges are vegan too.

6. Itsu: Hip, humble and healthy salad

Itsu's delicious hip, humble and healthy salad combines greens, muki beans, Japanese rice, and sliced avocado. Their garden shed on a bed salad is lovely too — and their hip and houmous saladwrap comes with Khobez bread, so is a slightly more filling option. And you can always get an edamame bean pot as a vegan-friendly side.

7. Leon: Gobi lunchbox

Leon's Gobi lunchbox is a sweet potato and cauliflower curry over rice. And if that's not enough, they have some great sides too. The quinoa pot, fresh slaw, and crushed pea salad are all suitable for vegans.

8. Subway: Veggie delite

Although Subway don't do a vegan patty, you can always get a veggie delite and fill a foot of bread with sandwich toppings. The honey oat, wheat, hearty Italian, and Italian breads are vegan-friendly, and you can eat the sweet onion, honey mustard, barbecue, hot chili, thousand island, and mariana sauces.

9. Yo Sushi: Cucumber maki rolls

Yo Sushi have tons of choice for vegans. Their vegetable gyoza, pumpkin korroke, inari pocket, and kaiso gunkan are vegan-friendly. The inari and chive and cucumber maki rolls are also delicious. But the vegatable yakisoba is their most filling lunch choice.

10. McDonalds: Hash browns

BEST NEWS EVER: McDonalds' hash browns are suitable for vegans. AND SO ARE THEIR CHIPS WAHHHHH.

11. Pod: Hummus, Sunblush tomato and basil baguette

Pod have loads of vegan options. Firstly, there's the kale and leek boost soup, which contains rice noodles. Then there's a simple hummus, sunblush tomato & basil bagette. And if you're feeling really healthy you can opt for the raw energy salad (containing spinach, edamame beans, shredded beetroot, and red cabbage), or the gym box (which contains hummus, falafel, broccoli, barley, and lentils). Pod also offer multigrain toast with dairy-free peanut butter for breakfast.

12. Pure: Thai green lentil soup

Pure's Thai green lentil soup is beyond delicious, but they have other vegan options too. Their raw energy salad contains basically every vegetable you can think of (avocado, broccoli, radish, beetroot, butternut squash, sweet peppers...) and their bean beanie wrap is a lovely mixture of beans, crunchy veg, and hummus. Perfect!

13. Wasabi: Veg soumen

There's loads of choice for vegans at Wasabi. In terms of hot food, you can have the tofu yakisoba (noodles), tofu jahang (fried rice), veg soumen (rice noodle soup), or veg tanmen (another rice noodle soup). But if you want something cold, the pumpkin croquette salad, sunomono salad, and mini veg set are all vegan-friendly.

14. Eat: Thai butternut squash soup

Eat's bold houmous & falafel mezze is vegan. Its spicy tomato & basil and Thai butternut squash soups are lovely too — and their seeded bread is also suitable for vegans. Plus, Eat offer multigrain toast with jam or marmite for breakfast.